Welcome to the 5th Dimension-Heaven

heaven on earth

YOU ARE the 5th dimension-heaven!

It’s all within us. Don’t be a bystander and let life direct you. It’s up to all of us to bring heaven to earth. Our job is to figure that out first, and then find a way to communicate this to others through a means of service that is unique to our own divine gifts. We must help others understand this and bring that to light within us all.

Truly in a world of duality, a world where we exist both within and without, we are both heaven and hell. It’s our own choices and perspectives that determine the world we live in. If everyone realized that every thought, word, and deed had a price to pay, we would all choose more wisely what we think, say, and do.

How heavenly would earth be if everyone realized they can heal or curse, create or destroy, free or enslave, love or hate, because we have the gifts of our creator. We were created in his/her likeness and image and have been given the same gifts that ALL of the great masters have used for miracles: thought, the spoken word, and the ability to manifest through physical energy. Spread love by constantly striving to be better than yesterday in every area of your life: mind, body, and soul.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, immediate or delayed. So it’s in all of our own best interests to do as much as we can to spread light, love, and joy.

When your soul is ready to make the jump, feel free to contact me HERE.

Namaste on my grind,

~Rick Harrison~

President – Fit Ever After

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