About Us

About Us

We Aren’t Building A Company

We’re Building A Revolution

Our Vision

see a world in which every being discovers and pursues their true calling in
life, and that by following that calling, become completely fulfilled and attain
nirvana. And because they have attained nirvana, they attract everything good
into their life, but being completely fulfilled they freely give it away to
those in need. And by doing so, they create a chain-reaction of perfect
cooperation and harmony in nature between human beings and their environment.
All the people of the world unite under the common cause to heal the planet and
each other. With your help, we can ignite this revolution

Our Mission

Every day, in every way, we strive to unite humanity under one revolutionary vision – to spark the divine essence in every being and bring heaven on earth.

Our Culture

We aren’t building a company. We’re building a revolution.
Gone are the days of the trendy fitness and nutrition programs. We’re here to spread
the truth and empower you. There’s nobody in this world that can teach you how
to become successful, because REAL SUCCESS means becoming the REAL YOU. And
there isn’t any person that knows the REAL YOU, except for YOU. That’s why
we’ve created, TRANSFORMATION by Design, the 1st Self-Help Personal
Transformation System that teaches you how to learn from and about yourself—so
you can discover your true nature and essence. 

Our story

It was the lowest point in my life. My truck needed $2,000 in repairs, I was behind on my student loans while not using the degree I was paying for, and had spent all my savings and retirement money. I was at the point where I was counting change on my bed, trying to scrape together enough money to hopefully fill my gas tank enough to get me through to the next paycheck where I’d be behind on my payments again. On top of that I was supposed to get married in two months.

I CALLED THE ENTIRE THING OFF. And as much as I wanted to feel bad about it, I didn’t. I knew in my heart something needed to change–I needed to take control. And I did. Over the last year, I have had more profound breakthroughs in self-mastery, self-discovery, and self-improvement, than I have in all the years up to that moment.

What had happened to me? Did I snap? Did I finally lose my mind? What I discovered was that by following a specific experiment I had been trying on myself for several months, I had finally been granted a beak-through moment.

I had gone through all the self-help books and techniques taught in them in order to create my own self-sustaining system of personal development and improvement.

By following that system I was able to transform every area of my life into one of complete fulfillment, have re-ignited that spark with my “ex-fiance,” and begun following my true passion in life and have found my world of financial hardship turned completely upside down.

But it didn’t just work for me. My fiance used it and as soon as her friends and family began to notice the differences in her, I knew this had to be systematized and shared with the world.

Immediately the impact this could have on the tensions in the world right now became a major mission for me, and so I built, designed, created, and wrote everything you see, from the photos, website, articles, and programs.

This is my method for helping you discover your true Power as a divine being. The world needs this kind of spark right about now. So help me spread the light far and wide by trying our FREE Demo, so we can help you, and then you can help someone else. Then someday, we may experience heaven on earth.


~Rick Harrison, President & Lifestyle Coach

FIT Ever After,

Transformation Coaches

Rick Harrison is the President of FIT Ever After and chief architect for FIT Ever After’s unique personal transformation system- TRANSFORMATION by Design. Combining over a decade of research in fitness and nutrition programming and practical psychology with his background in curriculum design, TRANSFORMATION by Design is the most effective and affordable transformation system in the United States. 

Jenn Bernard is the Vice President of FIT Ever After and Lead Nutrition Coach. She is also the better half of FIT Ever After. She’s studied as an NASM Personal Trainer, and is currently pursuing interests in nutrition and meal planning. She is currently the head of marketing efforts and co-creator of FIT Ever After. If you have questions about nutrition, or upcoming events, she’s the one to contact.

1-Year Money Back Guaranteed

We know it’s tough to trust anyone these days, especially with how many different training programs are out there that claim to yield results they promise. But there aren’t many that will guarantee your satisfaction for up to a year, with a full refund and no questions asked. 

We believe in our products and services and we know they work, but that doesn’t give you any warm and fuzzy feelings. That’s why we guarantee our products and services for 1 full year. We know you’ll be happy in less than 6 months, but just to make sure we doubled it.

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